Flashchat Yotpo - An Integration Guide

Turbo-boost your sales by combining Yotpo’s Ratings & Reviews with the power of Automated Conversations Flashchat offers. Keep your audience engaged across touchpoints and convert potential clients in an upsell way.

Enter Flashchat

Developed with Shopify merchants in mind, Flashchat is a plug & play Conversational Commerce Platform that helps eCommerce businesses convert their social media audience & store visitors into paying customers using Automated Messenger Conversations.

Integrating Flashchat and Yotpo

Syncing Flashchat with Yotpo is super easy. In fact, it takes less than 2 minutes.
Once integrated, you will be able to leverage your best User-Generated Content automatically, incorporating product reviews & ratings in your abandoned cart messenger campaigns.
You will also be able to upsell your customers with automatically generated bundle abandoned cart messages.

Shopify Integration

The Flashchat + Yotpo integration consist of 3 simple steps

Step Number 1: Make sure you have flashchat installed

If you don’t, or if you are not sure if you have flashchat installed, don’t worry; you can download it for free here and follow our simple 3 step onboarding

Step Number 2: Find our Integrations

Once you have completed our onboarding, you should land in our dashboard.
From there, navigate to our integrations page and from the left-hand side menu. There you will find Yotpo.

Step Number 3: Integrate Yotpo

1. Login to your Yotpo Dashboard
2. From the top right, navigate to “Account Settings”
3. In the sub-menu, select “Store”
4. Under “API Credentials” you should be able to find your “App Key” and “Secret Key”
5. Return to Flashchat’s Dashboard
6. Copy and paste those values in their corresponding fields

That’s all!

Flashchat is now integrated with Yotpo.

Next customer who will leave a cart abandoned, he will receive Messenger Abandoned Cart campaigns that include your best reviews along with other relevant promoted products.

And you want to know how? Well check this screenshot below:

If you have any questions regarding the integration please contact us at support@flashchat.ai

Things to Keep in mind while integrating.

You will have to be a Yotpo Admin in order to be able to view the “Secret Key” in your Yotpo Dashboard

Both Flashchat and Yotpo Shopify Apps must be installed and activated in order for them to integrate

Flashchat’s Abandoned Cart Recovery feature, must be activated.